All About Us

You want to hear all about US? Stop it. You're making us blush.

Start-Up Partner Up is different.

We know that, and we're pretty sure if you've read our entire website by now, you'll have figured that out for yourself too. 

Why are we different? Well in the start-up consultant world we're kind of like the quirky newcomers who just want to do things our own way.

Business has become fluffy. We've become too focused on the wrong things. Big valuations, raising your next round, fancy graphics and social media followers. We're not saying some of these things aren't important, they are, but they aren't the basis of a good business, and we learnt this the hard way.

In a world obsessed with image, we like to strip your business and ideas down to its bare bones and then stand right there next to you as we build it right back up again.
We're creating a tribe of new-age entrepreneurs who share our ideals, and are willing to work together to see their business succeed.