We help start-ups and scale ups survive and thrive.

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Getting a start-up off the ground is hard. Trust us, we know.

There are product failures, launch failures, staff failures, and ultimately business failures. If start-ups don’t perform, they die. Blunt? Well its true.

Here at Start-Up Partner Up we’ve made every mistake in the book. In fact, we kind of bought the book of entrepreneurial mistakes and then added our own mistakes into it.

Then we repeated said mistakes several times just to check they were in fact mistakes.

*Spoiler alert, they are*

If you’re getting started in your start-up or you’re looking to scale up, we want to help. We may not be related to Bill Gates, we've never worked at Google, and we've never met Elon Musk (no matter how many times we've asked him round for tea). Yet, when it comes to start-ups, we’re pretty well versed in the notion of failures and f*ck ups, and now we’re on a mission to prevent others from doing the same. 

(if you're reading this, it's not too late)

Find out how we can help you with raising Investment, building your Technology, and filling the holes in your team by acting as your Interim C-Suite.